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Lately, I realised that I was the only one who was holding myself back from writing reviews about movies, series or dramas that I liked. I didn’t feel enough confident or competent to do so. But, really, it is my little place here, so why not?

Disney and me.

I have some Dinsey movies cassettes, the most famous ones I would say, but far from all of them. When I was very little, I used to watch them, but growing up, I stopped… In high-school, I renewed with animated movies, thanks to the Studio Ghibli productions that I find astonishing. When I entered the Universitary Institute of Technology (studying Book trade), my new friends were all very fans of Disney movies to the point that they knew every single production by heart. I was impressed and I felt like I was missing something, as if I was restraining myself from a wild and fascinating universe. I started to watch them all over again, discovering the ones that I loved the most. Then, after Tangled, I started to follow every new release at the cinema.

My weird brain and I have realised that I can’t focus for an ordinary movie more than 30min straight, however, for an animated movies, I’m 4yo again and I’m glued to the screen.

I will write a review on Inside-out, which has turned me upside down ; and perhaps on Tangled, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland and The Emperor’s New Groove (my favorites). If I’m honest, there are only two that I don’t enjoy : Snow-White and the seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty, because of the conservative vision of women, which I can’t cope with, even if it was a different period of time.

The last Disneys that I’ve watched are The Good Dinosaur (which had me burst into tears) and  The Pagemaster (which kind of suffer from its age, even though, as a bookworm, I enjoyed it a lot!). BUT. The trailer of Zootopia, the scene with the slothes had me dying and I just had to watch it!


In this world, animals are not impulsive nor following their predator instincts. Indeed, they speak, work, create families and have some hobbies just like us. However, Judy Hopps is a rabbit and she intends to become a cop! Yep! But, problem: she’s the first rabbit to wish to do so, and being a female on top of that: « who does she think she is? » humhum. But she is underrated by her surrounders: her bad temper makes her pass the contest to enter the police and with a special distinction! She takes her luggage and to the capital city she goes, Zootopia. It is her first allocation and she will disillusion quickly: she is surrounded by predators (the former threatening animals) and she becomes a meter reader. The thing is, Judy is a cop truly, madly, deeply, her heart beats for this work and she will get herself involved in a big and dangerous case : 14 predators have disappeared in the city and Judy has to find the culprit. Helped by Nick, a swindler fox to whom she showed what she was made of, here they go for a tremendous adventure!

The drawings are beautiful, we dream in colors and energy, the characters are adorable from the most important to the lesser, whatever the categories of animals they belong to, they are irresistible and so wittifully animated. The sceneries are impressive, I just loved how much coloured it was, the originality is just everywhere. I was blown away by the mouse-neighbourhood (where everything is so tiny), just as much as I loved Judy’s hometown, Rabbittown. The sceneries during the trip of Judy from Rabbittown to Zootopia were so beautiful and it opens so much possibilities of stories and adventures.

The plot is breathtaking, we are stuck to our screen all along. The beginning is not extremely eventful, since it is a coming-of-age movie, Judy has to face the break between her dreams and the actual reality. But I just find her absolutely amazing. She makes mistake, she has such a bad temper, she is way too much devoted flesh and bones to her work… And yet, I loved her. Rabbit or not, she got some nerves! Without her, the movie would have been so flat. She presses where it hurts and she kicks the anthill, she is buzzing with energy, she is always running, screaming,  stressing (I loved how they faithfully used her rabbit-behavior to show that). She is a clearly a bag of nerves. Also, she is so manipulative towards Nick, and it is so good to see him complain all along.

It is Judy who makes everything start but every character has its own importance, which was really interesting. They all are a bit crazy. Nick’s swindler friend is hilarious, honestly. The slothes are so funny and the final scene is epic. But ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE. M. Big. At first, I thought he would be the big villain of the story… Well, how funny it was to think so, I just burst into laugh. Little details like that make this film a masterpiece. On top of that, the mayor of Zootopia is a Lion, and so, naturally, I thought about Narnia, and you too obviously. The final scene, with the stripper-dancers-tigers, was just so unexpected!

More than a simple animated movie, Zootopia is an ode to the coexistence of humans.

The Disneys cannot be watched on a single level, never, they are so wittily directed, they always convey a deep message. The most old ones reflect a conservative society (which is why I don’t really enjoy them) and the new ones evolve with us (I’m thinking of Frozen who makes some distance from the necessity for a girl to marry; or The Princess and the Frog, who finally gives representation and voice to the black community).

We live in a really weird time. It seems like the second world war did not give its lesson to humans, since they forgot what hate and fear of something and someone can create. The horrors that were committed don’t seem to have make an impact on people because they rather close their eyes and look away, believing in a white-straight-supremacy and not caring about anything but their own individuality, that gives me goose bumps. We blame the people that run away from our bombs, but we don’t blame their leader who is slaughtering them? European learders make sure to win their political campaign by raising races hatred and making money over us, over migrants in terrible life conditions, over life itself, because money is much more important, isn’t it? And then you watch tv, and everything is a lie, and everyone believes it. And here we are, the few of us that love humanity, watching those who are capable of hating someone just because he/she dared to breathe.

In Zootopia, predators become targets. They are accused to have kept their destructive instincts. They are finger-pointed, they are excluded, they are muzzled. In a city where everybody used to live peacefully, the fear is settled and it is spreading like the plague, unstoppable. Vicious, irrational, this fear is all that, and so, it is invincible. In this hell, people are struggling, with all they have, to learn to not fear again what we do not really know, to see what unites us before what separates us. And it works, the big villain fails and the peace is restored.

Ce n’est pas leur différence qui empêche les hommes de vivre ensemble, c’est leur connerie.

Anna Gavalda

Judy is mocked at, she is  badly considered. Because she is a rabbit, an exception in the police field and because she is a female, because she has dreams and intends to live them, because she is ambitious. Because she fairly thinks that she is the equal to anyone. In world where everyone has big fangs, she has to scream louder, to win bigger, to overcome more obstacles to reach her goal. Hence, dealing with feminism, racism, discrimination; but also, corruption (the city council cases are not that clear), Zootopia resonates deeply contemporary.

I would not advise children to watch this Disney, the predators might frighten them and the few that were present in the cinema left afraid. However, everybody else must watch it in order to remember that what makes us different, makes us richer, makes us wiser, makes us more human. Tearing us appart only serves the purpose of obscure narrow-minded people who will use hatred-ideology to abuse their power and restrain our liberties and rights. Spread love. Love wins.


Je suis une grande bavarde, si vous aimez papoter aussi, dîtes-moi ce que en avez pensé de votre côté, par ici !

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