About me

Mots Insatiables goes back to 2009, on the platform « Blogger ».

My parents live in a remote village, in the North of Hérault, in the South of France (one hour away from Montpellier)… Hence, books, reading were my only way to have fun; there, you cannot count on your access to internet to keep you entertained. I enjoyed reading a bit of everything. It’s when I entered junior high school that I really discovered internet. Goodbye little crafting workshops in the woods with my brother and my dogs,  I had a world to conquer. At first, I created that blog on « Skyblog » (a platform which enabled you to have your own blog without having to create it and master the complicated art of programming), I don’t remember the name I had given the blog then. I then switched to « Blogger » and my blog was entitled Books-In-Bag; finally, I thought of WordPress as more professional (even though I’m using the free version of it) and the blog is now called (aux) Mots insatiables. In May 2018, the blog will be 10y and it makes me so emotional.

Important points.

I do not do giveaways.
I do not believe in the concept of giving a mark to a book you’ve read…

My studies.

As soon as I entered sixth grade (sixième in France, which corresponds to our first year of junior high school and we’re about to be 12), I had decided that I was going to be a librarian. So in high school, I chose a Literary orientation (we have three paths to pick from in the second year of high school in France: the scientific one, the social-economic one and the literary one -which is ridiculed by everyone but it still trained me enough to get my two degrees so yeah ;). I studied English (compulsory), Spanish and Italian too.

After my graduation, I did a two-years diploma which does not exist outside of France (at least I do not think so). It’s called DUT Information-Communication options métiers du livre et du patrimoine and I did it in Aix-en-Provence (a city in Provence). We studied the bookish world with teachers who were professionals themselves (a publisher as my Publishing class teacher, a bookseller as my Bookselling class teacher, a Librarian as my Library class teacher, etc), we also did learn about the History of the book as an object, History of the medias, History of the books under totalitarian regimes; we had countless Literature classes from everywhere in the world, countless bibliography to read. We had a lot of different sociology classes. And we had specific classes like programming when it comes to publishing (using Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft office pack, etc) but also classes like Management, economy, etc. Moreover, we had options: second language (because English is mandatory as your 1st language), so I took Spanish again; and in the second year, we had to orientate ourselves so I took the Publishing path.  Finally we had a lot of internships, we participated in Livre Paris 2015 for example. And I ended my cursus with a 3-months long internship in a Publishing house in Montpellier which published books for visually impaired and deaf children.

It did not provide me with a job, since there was other diplomas to get before being able to have a qualifying profile… But I felt like the path was blocked. So I came back home and applied for an English degree in Montpellier. I started anew, as a 1st year uni student and it was not easy because I was older than my classmates and I matured quite a lot, so I found it difficult to create relationships with them. What I had learned in my previous degree (I do not know how to call it in English ^^), was very useful and advantaged me in some classes (History, Literature).

What I like to do in my free time.

Aside from reading, I love learning languages: English of course, Spanish -for my mum’s family origins are Spanish and this background has always been important, Italian even though I’m loosing what I learned in High School (it’s been so many years since I attended Italian classes, unbelievable how time flies by. But I also love discovering and listening to Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, and Mandarin -even though I can only scribble some Korean words and for the others, not a single syllab lol.

I love watching series and movies. I prefer series.

I love music; more especially, listening to it, cause I sound like a dying goat and I can’t use my fingers for anything else than writing so don’t count on me for creating some ahah. I study listening to the amazing Ludovico Einaudi et I dance and loose my voice to Jean-Jacques Goldman -#sorrynotsorry, I’m my mum’s product, I’ve been listening to him even when I was only a baby in her belly ^^. I was all for 2009 pop-rock vibes… and OBVIOUSLY, I love Kpop and I’m 100% #ARMY (V/Suga is bae, don’t fight me).

As you’ve probably guessed, the rest of the time: I talk. I’m the most talkative person in the entire world… Also, if you speak French, you’ll probably make fun of my accent, however, no, I’m not from Marseille, simply your Héraultaise gal, but our accent sings too and it warms hearts!

My favourite books:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë.

The Truth on the Harry Québert Case de Joël Dicker,
The Thirteenth Tale de Diane Setterfield.

I hope you’ll have a lovely time on my blog and don’t hesitate to leave a comment and talk to me!
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